Best Buddies

pastel artwork on paper
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About this artwork

In my paintings I strive to capture the feeling of quiet peace and serenity, that I find in the country. For this pastel painting I painted a close of of two steers. They bring back happy memories of sitting on a warm summers day, at my grandparents farm, watching the cattle come up to drink from the water tank. These two steers or working oxen are of the Milking Devon Breed of Heritage Cattle. This was a very early breed of cattle to arrive in the U.S., as early as 1623. They were know for their speed, intelligence, strength, willingness to work as draft animals for the early colonists, in the U.S. The steers that I used as the subjects for this painting, live a good life at a Farm Museum here in the Midwest. I was happy to have my paintings juried into the Society of Animal Artists, in the fall of 2013. This original pastel painting is done on thick museum quality, pastel paper. Pastel is an extremely long lasting painting medium with colors that retain their lovely saturation for hundreds of years. To do so they should be framed under glass and hung out of direct sunlight.