mixed media artwork on wood
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 x 2" d 24" h  x 24" w
10 lbs. 2 oz.
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About this artwork

In the middle of my thirtieth year, Delvin and I took a road trip into the hills of Saganaughy County. Just as we spotted the dwindlings of a pleasant afternoon gathering at an understated home on the side of the road, I asked him to pull over so I could pick wild berries. He said, What would a robot do with wild berries? We had our photo taken. Thus began the running joke that has continued for the last century or two. It was an unpredictable time of my life. This, as well as the other acrylic/collage robots in this series have so far been derived from vintage photos that my husband and I found lying in the snow in Brussels several years ago. The sides are finished with the torn, yellowed pages of a novel. The work comes wired and ready to hang.