The Lover of Sound

fiber artwork on n/a
Stained wood edges
Ready to Hang
Signed on Back
 x 0.8" d 27" h  x 40" w
10 lbs. 0 oz.
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About this artwork

The image was created with numerous intersections and layers of threads, physically filled with air and space, shares artists Ani and Andrew Abakumov. It is not really a picture in the literal sense. It is a 3D installation. And our eye perceives it in this way - not as a uniform surface with a stable image. The angle of view, lighting, and whether you are standing still or moving and looking at the work - all of these matter and make the image change, vibrate, escape.Ani and Andrew work together to create their signature series of fiber artworks. Andrew, a mathematician and programmer, developed an algorithm that creates a blueprint for each new piece. He also prepares each canvas by driving nails into the perimeter of the surface. Ani then strings different colored and sized thread layer upon layer, from hours to months until the image appears. She uses anywhere from 4 km to 20 km of the material for a single piece.