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Terri Bell
Denver, Colorado
Artist Terri Bell creates geometric abstracts with harmonious colors and intricate patterns. From childhood, she aspired to a creative path and pursued art in college, receiving invaluable mentorship. Her journey took unexpected turns, making a few detours and eventually changing her major to political science. This led her to work in a high-profile state government position for many years. However, Terri's creative spirit remained unwavering. "Art was the balance in my life, and I never gave up my dream," shares Terri. Through hard work and determination, she returned to her calling as a full-time career artist. Terri currently operates from her home studio in Denver, Colorado, which, while slightly cluttered, exudes a cozy charm. When she's not painting, Terri finds pleasure in cooking, container gardening, and spending time with her husband and two Yorkies.
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Artist Statement

My creative process is spontaneous and intuitive. I envision abstract simplicity, but my eyes also crave detail, defined boundaries, organization, repetition, contrast, and texture. My work is contemporary in style, but also inspired by nostalgic elements.

I like shapes and textures, so I start a piece by building up layers of paint, paper and found items. It's an intuitive process. I have a general idea of where I'm going with a piece but I like to let the media guide me along. I work with acrylic paints and mediums, found papers, graphite, ink and prisma colors. Some of my work also incorporates pigment transfers from my photography.

When people see my work on a gallery wall, they generally go right up and inspect it close up because at a distance one can't really see all the details in my work. I work on most of my pieces on a flat drafting table, so I am very close to the process and that is something that draws people into my work.

Artist Background

University of Colorado
Bachelor of Arts
Metropolitan State College of Denver
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