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Ryan Pickart
Lowell, Indiana
Artist Ryan Pickart blurs the lines between rigid and graceful qualities in his expressive figurative paintings. Ryan draws inspiration from his three older sisters and mother who heavily influence his artwork and creative process. Although he paints from his imagination, there is an essence of his family members breathing through the canvas. Ryan's artwork blends the aspects of what society sees in masculine and feminine beauty. My goal is for the observer to see themselves in my work. Even if they look drastically different, there always is the same beauty in everyone, says Ryan. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors, skating, gardening, and renovating his home in Lowell, Indiana.

Artist Statement

Finding that moment in a piece of music or through an old family photo album continues to shape me as an artist. I base my artwork on painting people while developing a naturalist’s perception of their beauty. The reasoning behind my artwork is to provide strong symbolism with the subjects studied and staying true to a domestic view of the subject matter. The medium used is mainly oils to effectively portray the figure and portrait. While continuing to experiment with layers and transparency versus opacity, I am grasping a greater stronghold of my composition, fluidity, and figurative aspects of each piece. As of late, I have been leaning towards a loose way of painting while still keeping parts of the composition intentionally tight and detailed. I am taking on the task of bridging the gap between abstract and realism. I find enjoyment in the process of each work and continuing to learn and explore different approaches and methods while finding solutions to my studies.

Artist Background

Grace College
Bachelor of Science, 2009


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