Rick "Marlowe" Schneider | Artist Profile Photo
Rick "Marlowe" Schneider
Leland, North Carolina
Artist Rick Marlowe Schneider creates mixed-media collages, combining the use of handmade paper with a raised dimensional technique. This process produces distinct shadows which make the imagery jump off the canvas, says Rick. His work is a contemporary nod to 1930s and 1940s graphic design. By bringing together bold color combinations and patterns with quirky typefaces, Rick's work embodies the fun and elegant movie posters of Hollywood's Golden Age. Inspiration for his narratives comes from his father who was a pulp fiction writer. His loft studio in Leland, North Carolina, houses his archive of pulp magazines and stories from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. My workspace is cluttered with canvases and handmade paper that I have imported from Thailand. It may be impossible to walk around but the atmosphere is perfect for creating.
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Artist Statement

Transporting viewers to a bygone era, my mixed-media PULP art series from the 1930s and 40s embodies the essence of that time. Infused with bold, vibrant colors and unconventional typefaces, the series encapsulates the extravagant themes of adventure, romance, and fantasy. In my NATURE series, I employ graphic techniques to fashion rough textures and a palette of rich colors, aiming for a vivid sensory experience. Both series unite through their use of hand-made paper and a raised dimensional format, resulting in deep shadows that intensify the imagery's impact. Despite their distinct themes, they converge to produce artwork that seizes the viewer's attention, leaving an indelible mark. Artwork that grabs the viewer by the lapels.

Artist Background

Ohio University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1971
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