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Mary Pratt
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Artist Mary Pratt celebrates the beauty and whimsy of everyday life, blending impressionistic techniques with modern flair to capture the world with jovial poise. "I determine colors and aesthetics intuitively," says Mary. Through her gestural brushstrokes—soft ethereal palettes complemented by the occasional bright pop of color—and nuanced style, Mary's paintings offer a fresh perspective on familiar subjects, inviting viewers to experience them in new and imaginative ways. Pivotal moments, including overcoming breast cancer, have shaped her artistic journey. She paints in her garage studio, bundled up in layers during the winter and wearing tank tops and shorts in the summer, all while music fills the space. Beyond art, Mary spends her time hanging out with friends, playing with her grandchildren, and volunteering.
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Artist Statement

I explore emotions through color and contrast. My inspiration often begins with extensive research on relevant subject matter. Ideas come to me like a magical download in my mind. I've even developed a habit of keeping a camera in my car to capture inspiring scenes, sometimes taking unexpected detours along the way.

I instinctively determine color and aesthetics, following a path from the mind's eye to the soul's window that encapsulates my creative process. I introduce a concept and craft a perspective, often unveiling angles or aspects the viewer may not have previously contemplated. My primary focus is enriching the viewer's emotional connection to the artwork and offering an alternative perspective on the subject matter through observation.

Artist Background

Brenau University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1987
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