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Malia Pettit
Lafayette, Louisiana
Malia Pettit sees her artistic process as an act of “liberating the paint” and “allowing for the unexpected to occur.” Her portraits of women stem from a fascination with glossy magazines and their portrayal of models, actors and celebrities. Her work has been especially influenced by Chantal Joffe and John Singer Sargent. She currently resides in Louisiana after having lived in both California and England for several years. When she’s not painting, she is a full-time mom and enjoys exploring estate sales, antique stores and used bookstores.
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Artist Statement

I am driven by the idea of idealized beauty and how it is ultimately constructed in my paintings. Whether a portrait or still life composition, I seek to unveil the subject's inherent characteristics and the freedom to exist without any forced narrative. I paint very loosely by liberating the paint and allowing for the unexpected to occur within the process. I want my paintings to be about the paint so they simply could not exist in a different medium.

Artist Background

University of California, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Arts, 1998
Buckinghamshire New University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2006
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