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Jonelle Summerfield
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Artist Jonelle Summerfield takes an impressionistic approach to romantic street scenes and corners inspired by her extensive travels across North America and Europe. Using her photographs as a reference, Jonelle conveys the mood and feeling of each location in her work. "I can only paint from life or my photos because I need to feel the energy and other sensory aspects of a place in addition to the visual," says Jonelle. She initially gravitated toward fashion and design over fine art. Jonelle received her degree in Interior Design in 2001, after which her mother began teaching her to paint. It changed her life. Over the next ten years, Jonelle trained and painted extensively to become a full-time artist. Being a night owl, Jonelle prefers to begin her painting sessions in the afternoon, often accompanied by music in her studio in a former theater building shared with other artists and businesses. Outside her art, Jonelle enjoys spending time with her cats, writing her blog, and staying active with kickboxing.
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Artist Statement

I am an oil painter from Pennsylvania. I haven't decided whether I am a realist or an impressionist; the degree of realism is different with each painting. My mother, Jolene Joyner, taught me how to paint after I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with an interior design degree in 2001. Since then I've taken workshops with other artists to continue my art education.

I paint mostly interiors, cityscapes, animals, some landscapes from photographs, and have recently started painting still lifes from life. My travels to the eastern United States, Canada and Europe largely inspire my paintings. I paint scenes that I think have a certain interaction between lighting, colors present and the item/place. My goal is to remind people, and myself, of the good things in a world that can be chaotic.

Artist Background

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science, 2001


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