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John Kelly
Paris, Ile de France
Artist John Kelly plays between the realms of classism and modernity. Born in Paris, his frequent visits to Jeu de Paume ignited his interest in becoming an artist. He moved to New York and attended the School of Visual Arts in the 1980s. Coming from the influence of abstract and German expressionists, he experienced a transformative shift in his craft when he witnessed the Balthus Show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His work became figurative and has remained so ever since. Today, he collaborates with several models and incorporates their ideas into his work. "The interaction with the subjects is vital to my art," says John. "Trying to convey who they are is the most important factor in my process." His studio is in an old aerospace factory. It has a bright north light filled with paintings and objects he finds riveting. Beyond his studio, John enjoys writing, graphic design, and travel. His artistic achievements include being a finalist in the Art Renewal Center's 2015 competition and a featured artist in the Circle Foundation for the Arts.
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Artist Statement

I've spent a lot of time trying to understand where painting has left to go. In the end, I've decided that using the techniques of the past in order to create something true is what I want to do.

Artist Background

School of Visual Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1993


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