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Henry Caserotti
University Place, Washington
Artist Henry Caserotti paints rugged Western landscapes with intriguing realistic details. His artistic journey began in New York City, but a rafting expedition down the Salmon River in Idaho provided his "aha" moment. "The wilderness I was slowly floating through blew my mind with its amazing beauty, and I knew that was what I wanted to capture in my work," says Henry. His creative process starts with studying photos from his trips to analyze textures and visual interplays. Henry employs various techniques, such as flipping and splattering paint with toothbrushes and using palette knives instead of brushes. His studio, located in University Place, south of Tacoma, is a garage filled with found objects like rocks from his hikes. When not making art, Henry enjoys reading, gardening, and exploring mountain trails in his home in Washington.
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Artist Statement

I think of my work as "intimate nature," aiming to capture the essence of nature and place and their effects on a person's mental and emotional state. This is achieved by allowing acrylic paint to move and settle independently, creating a sense of "naturalness." I often mimic the phenomena of accretion and erosion in my work. Presentation is as important as technique in the exploration of intimate nature. I use the size and shape of a composition to enhance this. My work always begins with my personal experiences in a place, usually ones I’ve hiked or whitewater rafted to. The photos I bring back often capture interesting textures or the visual interplay between forms. I continuously create new processes for new subject matter, enjoying techniques like flipping and splattering paint with toothbrushes and preferring a palette knife over a brush.
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