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Dorothy Gaziano
Boiling Springs, South Carolina
Artist Dorothy Gaziano depicts abstract sceneries with acrylics, oil pigments, and cold wax. Her process involves applying thin layers of paint, adding and scraping away to reveal the layers beneath. Working without a set plan, she lets each piece evolve naturally. “I never know how a piece will turn out; I work until the physical piece feels like the emotional idea I saw in my mind,” says Dorothy. Her art draws inspiration from the natural world. Dorothy divides her time between a compact studio in Florida and a more expansive workspace in South Carolina, where she listens to music while painting. Outside of her creative hobbies, Dorothy enjoys walking, biking, and caring for her air plants.
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Artist Statement

I'm an abstract artist who pours emotion onto canvas through color and form. Drawn to earthy palettes with bold accents for contrast, I embrace unpredictability in my creative process. Each piece starts with a base color; from there, I paint until the canvas reflects my emotional vision. Using brushes, scrapers, and sometimes my hands, I connect deeply with the paint and my feelings, constantly exploring new techniques in my studio hours.

Raised in New England, I've been inspired by both urban and suburban landscapes, surrounded by beaches and mountains that influence my art. Texture forms the core of my work, as I experiment with found objects and diverse methods to bring freshness to my art. My goal is to evoke heartfelt connections with viewers, using layered, blended paints to add depth and interest. Nature, from autumn trees to blooming flowers, serves as a constant muse, alongside fleeting emotions that drive my creativity.
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