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Art Tatin
Freehold, New Jersey
Artist Art Tatin creates realistic still-life compositions inspired by classical techniques and masters. After years of exploring surrealist and abstract styles earlier in his career, he discovered true artistic satisfaction and inspiration by returning to traditional painting methods. In pursuit of grace, he draws his reference material from his neighbor's flower bed, a bird's song, or a produce aisle. In our hectic and stressful modern lives, when we often overlook beauty, I make it my goal to capture it, says Art. He emphasizes the importance of composition in his creative process, considering the relationships between objects, colors, and angles. While Art doesn't have a traditional studio, he separates workspaces to control dust and lint, which is crucial to keeping foreign particles away from his works. Beyond painting, he enjoys reading, watching movies, sitcoms, and tending to his home and backyard.
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Artist Statement

I am a 'prodigal son' of the classic painting tradition. When I was attending the art college, all I wanted was to get away from everything old and traditional. I wanted to experiment with new, avant-garade, rule-breaking, revolutionary. After many years of painting surrealism and abstract, I slowly understood that these styles did not give me the artistic satisfaction and realization I had been getting when painting in a traditional fashion. I am fascinated and inspired by such masters of still life as Luis Egidio Melendez, Dutch painters, and Jean Simeon Chardin. I try to follow in their steps, and my goal is to keep the classic tradition alive. As a gorgeous diamond goes equally well with an evening gown, a business suit, or simple jeans, a beautiful, realistic still life can look good in any interior, whether it is contemporary, transitional, or traditional, a city apartment, a house, or a mansion. And as 4Cs of diamond quality, I came up with 4Cs for a painting: Creativity, Composition, Color, and Craftsmanship. These 4Cs are my guiding principles when working on a painting from conception to execution.

Artist Background

Moscow Art College Memory of 1905
Bachelor of Fine Arts
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