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The Making Of: The Ornamental Artwork Collection

Mini artworks by Jesse Aldana (L), Shannon Amidon (C), and James Hartman (R) from  The Ornamental Artwork Collection .

Mini artworks by Jesse Aldana (L), Shannon Amidon (C), and James Hartman (R) from The Ornamental Artwork Collection.

This holiday season, tiny paintings are the next big thing. Over the past few weeks, we have worked busily with 35 leading artists to create an exclusive collection of 4” x 4” mini paintings called The Ornamental Artwork Collection.

Each tiny painting is ready to be mixed-and-matched, gifted to loved ones, fashioned into an ornament, or displayed on its accompanied tiny easel. At $75 dollars each, these mini-masterpieces are the perfect way to expand, share, or begin your collection of artwork by top-selling artists.

For this special edition collection spotlight, we sit down with UGallery curators and mini painting masterminds, Alex Farkas and Madeline Stafford, for some small talk. And, in the spirit of tiny paintings, Alex and Madeline answer questions about the making of this collection in 16 words or less.

Tiny Q&A with UGallery curators

1. What was the inspiration behind THE ORNAMENTAL ARTWORK collection?

“Ornamental artworks are small, affordable, and can be displayed separately or together. They are super versatile!” –M. S.

“Family heirlooms. We wanted to create thoughtful little treasures to share with friends and loved ones.” –A.F.


2. What was the biggest challenge you faced putting together The Ornamental Artwork Collection?

“Choosing participants. We had nearly 100 responses to our call for artists!” –M. S.

“Arranging the paintings on the site. Like a physical show, we spent hours contemplating and re-arranging.” –A.F.  


 3. How did you select the 35 artists who participated in the collection?

“We asked interested artists to send in a concept, and then we selected the best fits for the project.” –M.S.

“My biggest consideration was thinking about how an artist's work would translate at this size.” –A.F.


4. Which is your personal favorite series or piece from the collection? 

“I have too many favorites to list!” –M.S.

“Diane Flick's 'bots.' I snapped up three of them as soon as they were available!” –A.F.


5. If you could gift one tiny painting to anyone, which painting would you gift, to whom, and why?

“Pomegranate by Nikolay Rizhankov to my father. He loves Dutch-inspired still life paintings.” –M.S.

“I’d give Masha Vereshchenko's Sly Fox to my uncle – they share a certain humor and mischievousness.” –A.F.

6. What creative way would you display your own tiny painting during the holidays?

“On its easel, placed on a mantle or accent table.” –M.S.

“I'll be adding the 'bots' to our collection of holiday mementos prominently displayed on the mantle.” –A.F.


7. If you could create your own series of mini paintings, what would you paint?

“I would paint either cats or still life paintings.” –M.S.

“In keeping with my inspiration, I might seek to depict family heirlooms.” –A.F.


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