The Affordable Art Fair: Meet the Artists

This week at UGallery, we are busily preparing for the opening festivities of the Affordable Art Fair in New York City. The fair runs from September 13 to 17, 2017 at the Metropolitan Pavilion and UGallery is the featured booth at the entrance of the fair.

This year we will represent 10 UGallery artists from around the country who work in a variety of media. To get in the AAF spirit, here is an introduction to the artists you’ll see at the fair.

Jonelle Summerfield

Painting scenes she sees on her travels, Jonelle Summerfield recreates the romantic street vignettes of New York and other cosmopolitan cities. She uses her style of impressionism to capture the mood of the specific locations. Jonelle brings connections to recognizable New York City landmarks and experiences to the UGallery booth.

Scott Dykema

From cowgirls on horseback to gold laden geishas to chimps in ties, Scott Dykema brings commanding statement art to the UGallery booth. His mixed-media artwork is figurative and remarkably expressive that combines eye-catching metallic with layers of color.

Nick Savides

Inspired by the ever-evolving New York City, with its changing light and unpredictability, Nick Savides paints scenes of New York in a realism. He studies the same location throughout the day to see the way that light effects a single scene. Nick is a Brooklyn-based artist whose admiration of his city resounds throughout his portfolio.

Jose H. Alverenga

The humor and irony in Jose H. Alverenga’s still life paintings bring a tongue-in-cheek lightness to the UGallery booth at the Affordable Art Fair. As the viewer reads the hidden messages and subtle wit hidden in everyday objects, the compositions unfold with layers of amusement and complexity.

James Hartman

Joining us at the fair from California, James Hartman's paintings bring the warmth and beauty of the West Coast to our booth. He paints the natural scenes he finds while painting en plein air with an expressive, textural, and colorful style. James masterfully manipulates the planes of his compositions through color and flattened shapes that give the impression and sensations of each location.  

Allen Wittert

Aphrodite  (20" x 16") by Allen Wittert, mixed media artwork

Aphrodite (20" x 16") by Allen Wittert, mixed media artwork

Allen Wittert’s vibrant colors and expressive brushwork present unify the range of his subject matter, which spans from abstract to figurative. He has lived in South Africa, Connecticut, California, and Texas, bringing a variety of viewpoints and cultures to his art form. At the Affordable Art Fair, we will be presenting his female portraiture and figurative work.

Nancy Hughes Miller

Nancy Hughes Miller’s calming landscapes bring the serenity of coastal southeastern North Carolina to the Affordable Art Fair. Her composition is divided into soft cloudscapes of backgrounds and vibrant green fields of foreground. The variations between each painting track the changing weather and light patterns of her surroundings. 

Dwight Smith

Dwight Smith finds the humor in the everyday. His watercolor still life paintings play with household items, food, and witty titles to delightfully surprise the viewer. Whether through wordplay hinged on the title or ironic juxtapositions, Dwight Smith forces the viewer to consider often-considered objects in an entirely new way.

Suren Nersisyan

The selection of watercolor paintings by Suren Nersisyan featured at the fair show birds perched amid a tangle of branches, leaves, and flowers. Suren works in a style of impressionism that brings a sense of softness, though keeps an ornithological impulse intact. 

Doug Lawler

We will be featuring several pages from printmaker Doug Lawler’s whimsical and mysterious narrative entitled, “The Island of ZA: A Fable Without Words.” Throughout these pages the viewer follows episodes that center on a mythical island, friendless dog, and magical young girl. As each page sends the characters on a new adventure, the eye ventures through intricate line work and compositional layers.

Shop the artwork on display at the fair in the Affordable Art Fair collection. Or, visit our booth #1.0 at the fair. Find more information and tickets here.