Designer Spotlight: Gillian C. Rose, The Color Scientist

To Gillian Rose, color is not only an art – it is a science. 

Gillian is a color scientist. As the founder and CEO of The Science of Color and active member of the Color Marketing Group, she studies colors, breaking them down to vibrating wavelengths that are processed by the cerebral cortex. The firing synapses can trigger an array of emotions. As Gillian explores human color sensitivities, she creates color strategies to maximize the healing and comforting powers of color.


Her expertise in color translates directly into her work as an interior designer for her firm Gillian C. Rose Interior Designs, based in downtown New York City. She studied interior design at the Parson’s School of Design.

In this special Q&A, Open Studios sits down with Gillian to discuss the power of color, the balance of design, the necessity of original art, and more.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

As a color scientist, we always strive to create “Balanced Environments.” This means that when using a predominant color in a space, we always include some of its compliments as well. Stylistically, we are modernists with perfect proportion as our main objective.

Interior by Gillian C. Rose interiors

Interior by Gillian C. Rose interiors

As an expert in color, how do you select art for your design projects?

We work from the standpoint of our client. We figure out what will engage them in the most positive ways. We often create backdrops specifically for an art collection.

Upper east side interior by Gillian C. Rose Interiors

Upper east side interior by Gillian C. Rose Interiors

What are the most important things you look for when selecting art for a space?

When selecting art for a space we ask ourselves, “Does it compliment the overall experience of the space?”

Is it purely aesthetic or are there other considerations as well?

Art is never merely aesthetic. Other questions we consider when selecting art: Does it contribute to the experience of the room? Does it enhance the other elements within the room? and Does the subject/palette/size work in concert with the other pieces selected for the space?

At UGallery, we believe that original art gives depth, character, and a story to every room. What does original art mean to you?

Original art is imperative to our wellbeing. It is organic. it describes a true moment in time. It touches our soul.

Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University, NC, one of Gillian's projects.

Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University, NC, one of Gillian's projects.

What advice would you give to our collectors who are looking for the best way to display their art? 

Consider all the other elements within the space. Make certain that the wall color your art piece will be hanging on will bring out the true intention of artist, not dampen them.

If you could pick a single piece of artwork from UGallery to own, what would it be, and why?

Being partial to oil paintings, I would select Marsh Creek Light by Nancy Hughes Miller. The combination of the texture of the oil, the organic subject matter and the optimism of the colors, make this Nancy Hughes Miller painting my first choice.

Special thanks to Gillian C. Rose!