The UGallery Group Show: Lisa Elley, California Love

“Wonderful things come from waiting,” said Lisa Elley after a weekend spent painting her new series California Love.

For the series, Lisa painted in Monterey.

She sat en plein air in Point Lobos State Park in Caramel-by-the-Sea, California for hours as the wonderful marvels and curious creatures began to appear around her.

She saw bobbing sailboats, salt-sprayed rocks, rolling fields of deep orange wildflowers that cling to the cliff side. She saw seals, whales, otters and birds – lots of birds, including a certain seagull who waddled over to her painting station and joined Lisa for lunch.  

A seagull accompanying Lisa as she worked on   California Melody

A seagull accompanying Lisa as she worked on California Melody

Lisa, a remarkably prolific painter and dexterous palette knife painter, created the series over a weekend of what she calls, marathon painting – which is a stretch of uninterrupted time devoted to creating.

“The term 'marathon' would imply a long lasting or difficult task, however for me it is a blissful long stretch of doing what I love most, with no noise, and no interruptions. When I have a marathon painting weekend, I am not furiously painting the entire time. I watch, and listen, talk to the locals, admire the wildlife, and walk around,” says Lisa.  

Lisa travels around to the different, equally rich, landscapes that California has to offer. The vistas connect her with her memories of her homeland New Zealand becoming a panorama of recollection that blends her hometown memories with her California love.

These California visions take on a slow, leisurely unfolding and precipitate into clarity to be captured on the surfaces and beyond Lisa’s textural paintings.

Lisa’s collection becomes a reminder of the beautiful things that come from a playful spontaneity – like lunch with a seagull, conversations with strangers, and other memories made while waiting for wonderful things.