New Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Goodwin, Thomas Rizzo, and G Matthew Saad

Every Thursday, we welcome a batch of new artists and artwork to UGallery. This series of blog posts highlights each week’s new artists. The three this week show that abstracted art as well as black and white photographs can ignite questions about America, architecture, and the human condition. 

Our new artists are Jennifer Goodwin, Thomas Rizzo, and G Matthew Saad. Read on below to learn more about each of them. Leave them a nice comment on their profile pages to welcome them to UGallery!

Jennifer Goodwin. West Vancouver, Canada

Jennifer Goodwin’s composites prove that art, like travel, can expand horizons. Thanks to a restless spirit, Jennifer discovers diverse material with a camera in hand. Her art starts with photography but quickly morphs into photomontage. Jennifer juxtaposes cut and cropped images into pairings that feel right. By following her instincts, she is able to make multilayered masterpieces. According to Jennifer, “the process of art is like the process of life.” 

Thomas Rizzo. Las Vegas, Nevada

This Italian Cowboy knows his color. Thomas Rizzo attributes his eye for color to childhood days spent on a wheat and cattle farm in eastern Colorado. His art evolves from the geometric into the abstract. He starts with photos of landscapes to create surreal scenes. For a wild Fauvism effect, Rizzo uses dark lines and bold colors to define shapes without sacrificing the overall composition. Thomas adds vibrancy and shape to the American artist landscape. 

G Matthew Saad. Altadena, California

G Matthew Saad finds a balance between pure artistry and austere professionalism. His photographs explore the symmetrical, yet disordered, realm of architecture. With a knack for finding moments of jubilee in an urban environment, G Matthew Saad imbues cold places with liveliness. He manages to snap empty spaces with enough zeal that the viewer can’t help but assume the park bench or office lobby in his photographs will soon be filled.