Artist in Focus: Maria Dimanshtein

Our artist this week is Maria Dimanshtein. Timing couldn’t be more perfect. She is having a show next week. If you like what she has to say and what she has to paint, stop by! She will be wearing one of her pieces. What does that mean? She told me, but I can’t say. It’s a secret. I guess you’ll have to stop by if you’re in the area.

If you’re not in the area, there’s no need to fret. Check out the work she has displayed with us. It’s equally as awesome. Let’s get started.

What’s your earliest art memory?

I remember doing the drawings with color pencils where the grass was a green stripe at the bottom and the sky was a blue stripe at the top of the sheet. I was big on drawing Pinocchio, so there would usually be a Pinocchio in the middle. 

What inspires you?

I get my inspiration from paying close attention to what’s around me as well as my own feelings and emotions. I am inspired by my dreams: magical and mysterious places, environments and experiences. 

What is your favorite piece from your UGallery portfolio?

"Thinking About Space 1" is currently my favorite piece. I think it’s really neat with many subtle colors in the background and a variety of colorful dots sprinkled overall. It has a weird mood.

What’s one word to describe your art?


What advice would you offer for other emerging artists?

Live a full and interesting life - stay curious. You have to have something to share with the world, something to say. If your life is rich, you will find not only inspiration, but also content for your artwork. 

For fun, what’s your favorite city?

I am lucky. I happen to live in my favorite city – Chicago. My close seconds are San Francisco and New York. 

Here’s the invite to Maria’s show. She made her invites by hand and spent a couple hours dipping 100 cards into “silver” water. Perfect for the theme. You can see and read more on her blog

Showstoppers: Carlos Saladen Vargas and Mario Sughi

Two of our artists are having shows across the Atlantic. One in London and the other in Ireland. Go figure. If you are in either country at the time of their show and you have a hankering for some art, check them out and let Ugallery know how they did!

Carlos Saladen Vargas

Untitled (Bombero)

Carlos Saladen Vargas was born in Venezuela and moved to London to explore photography. He is the co-founder of Photo-soup, a group project giving artists the tools needed to show their work internationally. Carlos’ artist profile describes his work as “informed by an interest in the socio-political functions of photography and critically engages with issues attaching to spectatorship and installation of large-scale photographic projects.” Visit Unit 24 Gallery to and see his brain child in action. 


April 21 - May 12 2012

Unit 24 Gallery

20 Great Guildford Street, London SE1 0FD

Private view April 20th 7-9PM

Mario Sughi's opening exhibition "Interiors and Exteriors: Contemporary Realist Prints" is bound to please. Mario draws inspiration from the light and airy Milan Kundera as well as Francis Bacon and David Hockney. RSVP by emailing

Showstopper: Colette Wirz

Last week we featured Ugallery’s house sushi artist, Rachael Neterer. This week, sushi makes an appearance once again. However, this time you can eat it!

Colette Wirz is holding an exhibition of her peaceful art in the cozy interiors of Sushi Suki. If you are sauntering around the Upper East side, stop in and say hello. You’ll find cherry blossoms blooming on exposed brick; the perfect setting for a Japanese lunch. 

Sushi Suki 

1577 York Ave

Between E 84th St and E 83th St 

(212) 249-3766

Cherry Blossoms Of The Sun