Origami by RJ Muna #101759 (by RJ Muna)

This and a bunch of other short dance films are screening at LACMA Thursday and Friday as part of Dance Camera West’s 11th annual Dance Media Film Festival. Not to be missed. (Meanwhile check out today’s Unframed post, written by DCW’s director of artistic development, about our current exhibition Sharon Lockhart | Noa Eshkol.)

You might be wondering, “Hm, this is an usual post.” Or you might be wondering, “Hm, THIS IS AWESOME!” I’m leaning towards the latter. And I’ve justified this post of RJ Muna because he is a San Francisco based photographer who studies the human body with a large portion of his portfolio dedicated to dancers (and dancers have been very popular since, you know, Black Swan). Not to mention, this one photograph looks an awful lot like a “Crosswalkers" UGallery artist I know, but I won’t mention any names.

Artist in Focus: Kevin Brewerton

I hope UGallery’s love for Kevin Brewerton isn’t coming off as too strong. But we are obsessed. This World Kickboxing Champion and artist blends speed with emotion. For any artist, the combination of strength and vulnerability is a winning match. Last time we left Kevin Brewerton painting on boxing ring canvases. We decided to follow up with him to see what’s happening on and off the ring. “The Art for Boxing” video is a little something extra.

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