Art Weekly Wrap-Up

So much can happen in one week. Before the weekend comes, let’s take a moment to review news from the art world.

Photo: Luke Giles

-Did you know Amy Winehouse could do more than sing? She could paint! Kinda. Her collaboration with Pete Doherty fetched $54K on the art market. It had her blood on it. {The NY Times, ArtBeats Blog}

-Banksy strikes again. A brand spanking new piece of graffiti turned up this past weekend in London. Speculators believe it’s a dig at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The mural depicts an Asian boy hunched over a sewing machine. {The Telegraph}

-For all the Bay Area people, if you haven’t planned which San Francisco art fair to attend you can take a look at our Art Fair Invasion and decide. Options include: ArtPadSf, San Francsico Fine Art Fair, artMRKT

-Today is International Museum Day! Celebrate this weekend by going on a date to your favorite museum.

-The Huffington Post reports that today is “allegedly” Ai Weiwei’s 55th birthday. Happy Birthday Ai Wei Wei. {The HuffPost}

As part of our weekly wrap-up, why not highlight all the hardworking citizen art lovers? On a daily basis, we come across some amazing content on Pinterest and Instagram. It’s so cool seeing what piques an individual’s design eye. We have selected our favorite pinner and favorite Instagram shot of the week!


Mindy Albert has a smorgasbord of boards that will tickle anyone’s fancy. This quote caught my eye. “I never get tired of the blue sky,” by Vincent Van Gogh. Awesome. It’s so true, too. Looks like she found it on an equally artful tumblr site, Hey, Oscar Wilde! Keep an eye on Mindy Albert. She was born to pin!


As for this week’s Instagram shot, it was too easy. Here is a shot of the Phoenix Hotel and the Federal building behind it from lostinthe415. The shot has such a great composition and we couldn’t resist the subject matter. The Phoenix Hotel is the location for ArtPadSF. We will be instagramming like crazy there tonight. It is only fair to give a shout out to lostinthe415.

Hope you all have an artful weekend! I wouldn’t recommend painting with blood or marking public property, but I highly encourage you to pin and instagram!

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