SF Art Fair Invasion

There’s something strange in the air. Whether or not you believe in UFO’s, there is no denying that at SFO (and throughout the city) something alien is going on. San Francisco is launching an art invasion. In the next week, the free and loose spirit of SF artists will collide with an international round up of galleries and artists. San Francisco nods to NYC’s art scene with not one, not two, but THREE art fairs in the same weekend. Read about each fair below, pick your favorites, and get your SF art on.

San Francisco Fine Art FairMay 17-20, 2012, Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason Center


The third time is a charm. This is year three for The San Francisco Fine Art Fair. This fair claims to return art credibility to San Francisco. The fair will cull its contemporary art from around the world. With 70 plus galleries, this fair promises to offer art for a wide range of tastes. The SF Fine Art Fair is located on the pier, which guarantees a picturesque experience no matter what is being displayed.

If you go, check out:

Waiting for a limousine that will never come by Anton Kawasaki

ArtHaus. The passionate pair of James Bacchi and Annette Schutz are seasoned gallerists who try to emphasize the intimate connection art can create with a diverse selection of contemporary art.

artMRKTMay 17-20, 2012, Concourse Exhibition Center


The art world can be a competitive place. As written in ArtBlouin Info, artMRKT is the result of an old partner of SF Fine Art competing to claim space in the SF art realm. Max Fishko wants to do a fair himself and do it right. Fishko told ArtBlouin, “I’d rather we be known as a company that can successfully create new brands.”

If you go, check out:

Match by Ed Moses

Peter Black Gallery has got it all. Since 1993, PBG has provided Orange County with the best modern abstractions in the area. Just when you thought OC wasn’t hip enough, you find a sleek and sophisticated gallery like this one. 

ArtPadSFMay 17-20, 2012, Phoenix Hotel


If you want cool, ArtPadSF is the fair for you. Let’s start with its location. ArtPadSF is in the hot bed of emerging artists. Nestled in the Phoenix Hotel of the Tenderloin, ArtPadSF plans to be the most provocative option in this week’s fair war.

If you go, check out:

Untitled by AMTK

Unspeakable Projects. In Room 40 of the Phoenix Hotel you can see some cutting-edge art. Unspeakable Projects is the epitome of ArtPadSF – contemporary, emerging, and cool.

Samantha and I will be attending ArtPadSF and ArtMRKT. We will be taking note of the art that piques our interest. You can stay in loop by following us on instagram and twitter. Let us know when you’ll be attending and we can peruse together! Stay tuned for the Fair wrap-up coming next week.

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