Welcome to the Art World, Prince George of Cambridge!

image(Photo: today.com)

The wait is finally over! The royal baby has not only arrived, but Will and Kate have also decided on the name “George Alexander Louis,” or as he will also be recognized as, “His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.”

Here at UGallery we offer our congratulations to the new parents.

Of course we are all about babies and art, or in other words, artful nurseries.  With this in mind, we came up with a hypothetical situation: If we were appointed head designers of Prince George’s royal nursery, (we can dream, can’t we?) which art would we render fit for a [potential] king?

Since we can only assume that Prince George’s new bedroom will be as regal as it gets, we are obsessed with Jessica JH Roller’s bold and modern approach to youthful silhouettes to juxtapose the royal family’s older and majestic style. 

Her pieces “Twelve Sheep” and “Ponies at Sunrise” would introduce him to his homeland, through images of sheep and wild stallions in the English countryside, as well as to his father’s polo days.


(Twelve Sheep by Jessica JH Roller)


(Ponies at Sunrise by Jessica JH Roller)

 Another set of favorites is made up of Nicole Newsted’s youthful pieces, including “Candy Cane Perch” and “Bunny Bunny.” Her use of texture and arrangement add a unique (and adorable) subject to a room, including the fantasy bedroom of the royal couple’s new addition. With her use of sugary treats, Nicole is sure to jumpstart the royal baby’s (and our) obsession with Harrod’s delicious candy in London.


(Candy Cane Perch by Nicole Newsted)


(Bunny Bunny By Nicole Newsted)

You can see the rest of Jessica JH Roller and Nicole Newsted’s work in the children’s section of UGallery art at ugallery.com/genre-children.

Ultimately, UGallery has animals on the brain. Will and Kate, take note!