Welcome, Charlotte!


Every week we introduce a group of new artists to the community. This week is extra special because we welcomed a new staff member to the UGallery team, too. Charlotte Nichols, our new Director of Marketing, is excited to help you fill your homes with the right art.

Charlotte brings a background in marketing to our already diverse team. She received her MBA at Stanford University and worked at General Mills before transitioning from packaged goods to original art. She’s already started pinning her favorite pieces from UGallery artists on her Pinterest Staff board. We also had her answer the traditional “UGallery Quirky Questionnaire” so you can get to know her a little bit better. You can send her a hello by visiting her board or commenting on this post.

Favorite burrito OR coffee joint? Any coffee joint that has big cups and free refills!
Favorite movie? Beautiful Girls (most underrated movie of all time)
Favorite cartoon character? I didn’t grow up with cartoons. I was more of a Saved By the Bell kid.
Current favorite band? I love Adele
Best museum? National Archives in Washington, DC
What are you reading right now? Mashable, my LinkedIn news feed, and the WSJ
Day job? Marketing
Favorite color? Blue
Collect anything? Ex-boyfriends :)
Breakfast of choice? Greek yogurt, almonds, and agave nectar
Who is your dream dinner date? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, or Sally Field
Drink of choice? Malbec or Diet Coke, depending on the context
Dream vacation? A cruise around the Mediterranean
Star Wars character of choice? I’ve never seen it
Stolen artwork of choice (if you could steal any artwork for your home, what would it be?) A Barbara Van Cleve photograph