UGallery in the Washington Post!

The Washington Post article featuring a photograph of Alicia Dunn

For many, UGallery sets the stage for an encore.  

Recently, on the cover of the business section of the Sunday paper, the Washington Post published a story on the encore careers for which UGallery has set the stage – becoming the platform for retiring professionals with a passion for painters to pursue their dreams.  

Dianne Abt working in her studio

Rodney Brooks, Washington Post Columnist, reported the inspiring stories of three inspiring UGallery artists: Alicia Dunn, Dianne Abt, and Robert Holewinski. While each of their career shifts were different – Alicia was in the advertising industry, Robert worked in various corporations, and Dianne was in journalism – they all blazed a bold trail from office to studio.

Inside Robert Holewinski’s studio

The article reports that in addition to providing an outlet for artistic expression for UGallery has given many individuals the opportunity to profit from these second careers.  

Read the full article in the Washington Post.