The UGallery Staff “Potluck” Gallery Wall

Please, Please, Please (24″ x 24″) by Brian Nash, acrylic painting

When UGallery has a potluck, we do it a little bit differently.

The rules are the same – everyone brings something. But the something is truly different. Instead of food we bring art at an event that has been wonderfully coined as “works-giving.”

We all bring something different to the wall!

See what everyone is bringing:

1. Alex is Bringing: Still Life with Persimmons by Susan Sjoberg

“Growing up in Arizona, I had never heard of persimmons until moving to California. Now, they are my favorite fruit–they are what I look forward to most about the fall. This painting beautiful captures the warmth of the season and the feeling of sharing a meal with family and friends.”


2. Sam is Bringing: A Corner of Mama’s Kitchen by Jay Wong

“My mom is an incredible cook and loves bringing people together to share a nice meal. She especially loves Thanksgiving and contemplates her menu weeks in advance. Jay’s notes about the piece are completely in line with how I feel about my mom’s kitchen- it’s always open, warm, and never runs out of food!”


3. Marie is Bringing: Cat and Cake by Jonelle Summerfield

 “I would bring Cat and Cake by Jonelle Summerfield. My whole family is on the other coast in New York and this is the time of year I get to go back for a visit which is always a highlight for me. My cat, Pudding, is so curious – just like the one in this painting! She is always exploring on tables and sticking her cute little nose near my food!”


4. Madeline is Bringing: Red Roofs of Prauge byYelena Sidorova

“The first Thanksgiving I ever spent away from my family was my semester abroad in college, and I went to Prague with friends.  We had a big authentic Czech feast.  It was a great time, and I love to reflect on those memories at this time of year.”


 5. Stephen is Bringing: “Wind Storm” by Stanislav Sidorov

“No matter the weather outside, we are all in this together.  Think that’s always a good theme for any potluck dinner in both the good conversations and the ones that spur debate!”


6. Keith is Bringing: Let’s Play Dominoes” by Autumn Rose

“After the eating and drinking, and of a course a little more eating, my favorite thing to do during the holidays is play board games. From the Bowl Game to Settlers of Catan to Beyond Balderdash, there’s nothing like some good clean family fun to work off all that turkey and pumpkin pie.”


7. Margaretta is Bringing:“Lemon-Aid” by Dwight Smith 

“I would like to bring this painting into the UGallery Potluck limelight. The painting is both endearing and fun. Deep down we all love a zesty pun. While some greet them sourly, for me, they have a peel!”