The UGallery Staff Gift List


Georgia’s Poppy (20″ x 16″) by Tom Miller, acrylic

To honor our Friends and Family Sale this week, we asked the UGallery Staff to answer the question:

“If you could give one piece of UGallery art to anyone, what would you give, to whom, and why?” 

Here is what the UGallery Staff said:

From: Alex, gallery director & co-founder 


Shaggy Cat (12” x 12”) by Jessica JH Roller, acrylic painting

Last year, my cousins discovered an abandoned newborn kitten in their backyard. He was just days old and so tiny. They named him Hobbs and lovingly bottle fed him. Hobbs grew and grew, and now he is one of the biggest, fluffiest cats I’ve ever seen–his tail alone is nearly the size of smaller cats. I’d love to give my cousins this painting, which totally embodies Hobbs’ scale and unpredictable temperament. One of my all-time favorite Jessica Roller paintings.

From: Stephen, president & co-founder


 White Beach (30” x 30”) by Joe Davis, acrylic painting

I would gift it to my parents as it reminds me of our annual July 4th trip to the white sand beach and turquoise water on the Florida panhandle.  It’s a trip I look forward to every year, getting to bbq and hang w/ family and friends.

From: Samantha, art advisor 


Circumstances (21” x 9.8”) by Mary McGill, ceramic sculpture

I would choose Mary McGill’s sculpture, Circumstances and I would give it to my mom. My mom has collected art for as long as I can remember and it has definitely contributed to my own love of art. She has amassed an awesome collection of small sculptures, usually depicting strong, female figures. I think this piece would be the perfect addition to that collection. 

From: Keith, marketing director


 Please Please Please (24” x 24”) by Brian Nash, Acrylic Painting

My pick would be the aptly named “Please Please Please” by Brian Nash and I’d give it to my girlfriend. We both grew up in dog-friendly houses and would love to have a pup to keep us company in our smallish not-dog-friendly city apartment. This cute little guy will have to do for now!

From: Margaretta, marketing associate


Lake House (20” x 26”) by Nancy Muren, watercolor 

I would give Lake House by Nancy Muren to all my housemates from college. The house in the painting looks remarkably like our college house, which we all loved. It was an old, yellow Victorian with the loveliest front porch you have ever seen. We filled it with stories that we still recount today – crafting Halloween costumes, hosting surprise birthday dinners, venturing in groups down to the haunted basement to switch the circuit breaker. It is also fitting that it is near the water because we are all on the rowing team together and we spent many hours by the lake!  

From: Marie, senior art consultant


Tiny Bird in the Ocean (30″ x 40″) by Cameron Limbrick, acrylic painting

 If I could pick one piece it would have to be Cameron Limbrick’s “Tiny Bird in the Ocean.” I would definitely give it to my brother as an apartment-warming gift to spice up his new living room. I think introducing art with a lot of interest and bright colors brings life to a space. I like the idea that he would always have something to look at to make him smile and keep his eyes endlessly entertained. You really can’t put price on that.

From: Madeline, artist liaison


Boats in Marina del Rey (Blue Morning) (28” x 22”) by Suren Nersisyan

I would choose “Boats in Marina del Rey (Blue Morning)” by Suren Nersisyan to give to my dad.  He’s an avid sailor, and I love to go out with him on the San Francisco Bay.  I also think he would like the artist’s painterly brushstrokes.

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