The UGallery Group Show: Nava Lundy, The Art of Her Form

Each day, when her children take their daily naps, Nava Lundy unseals the giant Tupperware filled with her paints and begins to create. 

For Nava – the mother of three-year-old twins and a newborn baby – painting is peace and poetry in the daily life of motherhood. When she lifts the lid of her paint box, she escapes to a world that is rosy and serene – the world of her newest series The Art of Her Form.

“My latest series centers on the strength and beauty of the female form and spirit. Within each vignette, this theme is either understated or exaggerated, eliciting power in its overtness or subtlety,” says the artist on The Art of Her Form.  

The series of glowing impressionist paintings rendered in Nava’s hazy style and romantic palette, captures moments that might have otherwise been missed or overlooked such as a candid glance or the light on a flower petal.  

“I think I am jealous of my characters,” said Nava jokingly in a telephone interview this February. “It’s just that they always have this poetic peace.”

There is the woman with the peacocked lashes, wrapped in lapis whose head droops into a complicated geometry. Or, the red-lipsticked lady, in light lavender resting her chin on languid hands – her ring catching and losing the fire of an imagined light off canvas. Or, the two beachgoers in the long, blowing dresses – two slim shadowy shapes against the sea.

The dreamlike paintings appeal to all the senses. They lift themselves up into an elegant daydream – the mind filling in imagined music, or French perfume, or sophisticated company.  

To create this dreaminess, Nava prepares each canvas with a gold wash so that as she applies more layers, glints of the gold peek through, creating a world that is luminous, ethereal, and glowing.

Before she developed her own signature style, Nava was classically trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of Arts and has a degrees in art history from the University of Pennsylvania. She learned about the old masters, technique, mechanics of the human form, proportions, that laid the foundation from which she developed her own style which strives to create moments of peace and beauty amid life’s chaos.

“We all need that poetry and that art and that space in our lives because there is so much noise,” says the artist.

The Art of Her Form is emblematic of the peace Nava has found during the current phase of her life – motherhood. The strength of women seen on the canvas, is paralleled off the canvas. Many of the pieces in the series were created in the weeks anticipating the birth of her newborn baby.

She was filled with an overpowering inspiration and creativity and describes those weeks as one of the most productive stretches of times in her life.