The Kinfolk Collection + 5 Friends You’ll Find in the Collection


It’s Winter, Dear (16″ x 20″) by Mary Pratt, oil painting

There are too many types of friendships to count.

This week, to celebrate our Friends and Family Sale, we have curated a special collection to honor friendship, called “The Kinfolk Collection.”

From childhood friends to lifelong soulmates, and everything in between this collection captures the way that relationships that enrich one life by sharing it with another.

Here 5 of the friends you will meet in “The Kinfolk Collection:”

1.The Childhood Friend as in Important Conversation by Talia Rainyk, photography  


From the coffee mugs to the serious title, this photograph is humorously spot on. Talia captures that familiar moment of childhood that is comically adult-ish. It is that youthful moment of wanting so desperately to be a grown up. The minimalistic background and black-and-white tones, while they add to the humor through their undeniable gravitas, they also underscore the simplicity of a childhood friendship. And, perhaps, someone taking momentary glance, might give the two deliberating toddlers the benighted satisfaction of believing there is coffee, and not hot chocolate in those mugs.

2. The Summertime Friend as in Gals (48” x 48”) by Mary Pratt, oil painting


Mary Pratt presents a close group of summertime friends in a warm, amusement park glow. This group of five young “gals,” clad in matching 1950’s bathing costumes, is a symbol of the threshold between childhood and adulthood. Mary overlays the golden gold-leaf glamor of adulthood onto the nostalgic carnival motifs and coordinated outfits of childhood.

3. The Likeminded Friend as in Pink Sheep (30” x 40”) by Lesli Devito, acrylic painting  


This painting, like the soothing company of likeminded friends, is a dreamy lullaby. The sheep (who are, traditionally when counted, soporific darlings). The eye bounces from pillowy downs of their coats in an allaying harmony of powdery pinks, mossy greens, and grayish blues. This comforting gentleness shares the ease and calmness of easygoing friendships. 

4. The College Friend as in Vintage Ivy (36” x 36”) by Brian Nash, Acrylic Painting


This collegiate collage of Ivy League co-eds invokes the personalities and characters of friends met in college. In Brian’s painting, he shows neat rows of flat, paper-looking men all equipped with a preppy sense of style. With varsity sweaters, round glasses, boaters, and other sportive accouterment, they capture the wonderful and curious time of college life and the rich array of personalities to discover in the world.

5. The Lifelong Friend as in Come Sit Next to Me (7” x 4”) by Yenny Cocq, sculpture


Come Sit Next to Me is the ultimate symbol of friendship. It is the soulmate. The two figures, literalizing the idiom of being cut-from-the-same cloth, they are made of the same material. The figures are sleek and stylized. They are interlocked in such a pleasing harmony in the way that they sit softly together. Every aspect – the gentle curve, the loving arm, the beautifully sweet title – gives this sculpture such a tenderness that make it the ultimate symbol of friendship.  

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Turtle Ride in the Moonlight (7″ x 5″) by Kat Silvers, acrylic painting