The “Emerging Artists” Collection

Weather Poem 6 (52″ x 52″) by Jack R. Mesa, mixed media artwork

Art is nothing like Art History textbooks.

The textbooks are swept up so nice and tidily with charts, timelines, and chapters. But art is nothing like that. Art is organic, living, human. Art does not actually move in the courteous way a textbook suggests (ex: “Thanks Impressionists, we’ll take it from here,” Post-Impressionists never actually said).


Mayhem In The 21st Century (36″ x 36″) by Chevis Ordonez, acrylic painting

But in those textbooks, past the glossary, and the index, and the references, the format disappears when it reaches the present, waiting for next chapters by the next generation of artists. The newest members of this generation are the emerging artists – the artists who are defining the art world of today and the history textbooks of tomorrow.

Our Collection, “The Emerging Artists Collection,” celebrates our emerging artists. Each artist brings has a unique voice and perspective to guide art into a global, technologic future.  

Here are 5 artists to watch:

1. Frida Wannerberger


Nina (11.7" x 16.6") by Frida Wannerberger, mixed media artwork

Wannerberger knows fashion and her glamor-spangled portfolio shows it. The brightly colored ensembles, worn by the understated female figures, strut off the page. Despite a stylistic flatness to the figures, these paper doll paintings seem self-conscious with emotionally complex expressions. They ask a bold and au currant question: is femininity out of style? Wannerberger’s work has appeared in Nordstrom, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Décor, and London Fashion Week. 

2. Jennifer Hannaford


Reflecting Honestly Study (10″x10″) by Jennifer Hannaford, oil painting on wood

Hannaford bubbled up into the art scene with her underwater images of female swimmers. Her fascination with water began in childhood where she felt freedom and serenity near California’s waters. She began pursuing art in college after she created a series of mug shots from fingerprints for a forensic science class. Her paintings are a breath of fresh air (figuratively, and often times literally): they capture the beautiful moments on the threshold of being underwater. Her work evokes the slowed quietness of the world beneath the water’s surface.

3. Patrick Duffy


Anchorage by (34" x 34") by Patrick Duffy, oil painting

We would like to tip our hats to Patrick Duffy, a Brooklyn-based artist, whose paintings create their own rhythm through color and pattern. His shapes take on their own unique forms. His series of brimmed-hat wearing crowds typifies his artic voice. While the hats are recognizable, they are certainly not conventional. In closer study of his shapes’ composition, they show their layers of unexpected colors that sheen with a sleek vibrancy.

4. Wes Sumrall


Selah – Stratiform  (48” x 36”) by Wes Sumrall, oil painting

Wes Sumrall gives canvases a gentle, luminescent power that vibrates beyond their picture plane. His paintings are beautiful and ephemeral. Like a lingering halo of light that hangs in a room before vanishing, there is something delicate and elusive about his work. Contemplative and mindful, his aesthetic carries the essence of Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, and Claude Monet.

5. Anthony Christopher


110 Faces (12″ x9″) by Anthony Christopher, ink artwork

Anthony Christopher journeys to the darker sides of the imagination in his art. His pages are often completely covered in ink detailing, resulting in complex and fully-fleshed out images. The labyrinthian thickets of marks and lines pull the viewer in; there is something to see in every inch of the page. His artwork is as imaginative as it is explorative. Christopher dips into the realm of the uncanny through his representational yet surreal scenes.


Distant Bodies through Tunnel Series - # 1 (14″ x 14″) by John Puiia, oil painting

The other works collection continues the wonderful scope. There is an origami sculpture made from 4,000 sheets of paper, collages of movie star ice cream cones and the imagined blueprints of the biblical Tower of Babel.

Our emerging artists bring their fresh voices and insights as they course onward into the art world.

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