Collection Spotlight: The City Living Collection

The Crossing at 59th and 6th  (14" x 18") by Onelio Marrero, oil painting

The Crossing at 59th and 6th (14" x 18") by Onelio Marrero, oil painting

While visiting a city can be a wonderful experience, there is something special about living in a city. 

It is knowing your city by its details and not by its monuments.

It is the shortcut through the park on your way home or the takeout place that already knows your order. It is falling asleep to the street sounds on an ordinary Tuesday and waking up to that one beam of light that always sneaks through the shades.

The beauty of living in a city is that there is one small slice of the mega-metropolis that is yours

The memories, stories, and styles that collect in the corners of your city space reflect your life. It the space where, despite the millions of simultaneous surrounding lives, it is unique and nuanced by you.

The City Living Collection is our curated a selection of stylish, contemporary, and (mostly) small-scale works that that helps bring a part of you, to your part of the city.

Here are some highlights from the collection:

Danube  (32" x 32") by Stephan Venekas, digital printmaking

Danube (32" x 32") by Stephan Venekas, digital printmaking

In the way that a city literally builds upon its own history – picture a glass modern sky scrapers next to a stone old-world building – Stephan Venekas' Danube juxtaposes the old with the new. He ingeniously combines an old-world bridge, an ultramarine sea, and a modern plane. Lavine brings together images from all around the world and, in turn, evokes the plexiform workings of the city.

Alike (18” x 24”), Diana Elena Chelaru's acrylic painting, is perplexingly narrative. Chelaru paints a multilayered scene whose stories rest in the subtleties. The four female figures are set against a loosely swirling pattern in cool colors. 


Air1982 (24” x 31.5”), by Natalia Pawlus, printmaking

In Air1982 (24” x 31.5”), a print by Natalia Pawlus, Pawlus explores the rich contrast between black and white through her dynamic marks. With gestural lines that vary in width and texture she evokes both space and form offering the eye a curriculum in stark contrasts.  

Jonelle Summerfield's Brooklyn evokes the aesthetic of a bustling, weekend morning in Brooklyn, New York. This contemporary impressionism of warm tones is grounded in a realist tradition applied to today's world. Jonelle brings a fresh contemporary look to an art-historical style.

The other works in the collection are equally as varied. But it is that range – the differences in mediums, styles, and subjects– that reflect the diversity of the personalized pied-à-terre, the styled city home.

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