Ten Year Anniversary Collectors' Voices


Adonai (40" x 60") by Iris Scott, oil painting

As we continue our birthday celebration of our 10th year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers. Without your support none of this would be possible. It brings us so much joy to help you find art that you love. 

In the spirit of UGallery turning 10, here are 10 quotes from customers about their UGallery artwork: 

1. Tony D. on Foggy Day by Suren Nersisyan


2.  Karen B. on Shakin’ Off the Cosmos by Iris Scott

3. Gabi T on Malia Pettit’s Untitled (Pre-Raphaelite) and Commission for Gabi

4. Melissa E. on Chilly Commute by Judy Mudd

5. Quote from Sharon B. on Magic by Mary Pratt

6. Quote from Marie M. on Study of Harmonies #7 by Tricia May

7. Whitney D. on Statues in the Park by Gloria Blatt

8. Ellen B. on Sunrise by Jaime Ellsworth

9.Quote from Catherine B. on Jade Ginger Jar with Red Roses by Christy Olsen

10. Frank L. on Five O'clock in Manhattan by Jonelle Summerfield

Thank you to all of our UGallery customers!