Summer Love: The Best Things About Summer

Mary Pratt, Swimmers

Ah — to lay out in the sun, book in hand and lemonade nearby! I couldn’t be more excited about summer!

Today is the First Day of Summer and to celebrate I put together some of my favorite things about the season. 

JJ Galloway, Hamburger Deluxe


Also known as the best excuse for spending hours doing nothing but eating, barbecues are definitely high on my list of summer activities. Everything becomes even more delicious when it’s grilled! I personally love experimenting with hamburger toppings — like grilled pineapple! 

Carey Parks-Schwartz, Reading at the Beach 

Relaxing in the Sand

So I already mentioned reading and sunbathing but these two things are done best at the beach. Beach trips are like a mini getaway from the everyday!

Joanna Pechmann, Summer Fun #3

Kites in the Sky

It’s been a while since I’ve actually flown a kite but I love seeing them in the sky! They’re like little pieces of art fluttering freely.

Stunning Sunsets

Summer is definitely the season to snap some beautiful photographs. Even capturing a simple sunset on your iPhone makes you realize the beauty of nature. There’s nothing more magical than watching the sun set during long summer nights — or if you’re up early enough, watching it rise!

What’s your favorite part of summer? Let me know in the comments!