The Summer Camp Exhibition

Recall your adventures, independence, friendships, and traditions with our curated exhibition of new original artworks, Summer Camp.


A summer camp is held together by its traditions. Camp fire songs, favorite activities, and familiar cabins create the fond memories that campers cherish for years. Symbolizing the customs that unite campers, the artwork of Tradition shows recalled motifs from days of summer camp yore.


Summer camp friendships last longer than camp. Bonded through a shared community and adventure, camp friends from the summer become pen-pals through the school year. Celebrating the joys spent in the company of friends, the artwork of Friendship shows the strong bonds formed at camp.


For many, summer camp is their first taste of independence. Far away from home, campers develop in a setting of new freedoms. Honoring these freedoms, the artworks of Independence are symbols of a camper’s personal growth.


Camp is filled with adventures – climbing, hiking, swimming, and sailing. As campers explore and discover the world around them, they build character. Showing the excitement of new places and experiences, the artwork of Adventure captures the thrill of breaking from one’s comfort zone.

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