Sneak Peek: Affordable Art Fair


New Yorkers, we want to meet you! 

UGallery artists and team members will be heading to the Affordable Art Fair April 3 - 6 to showcase some fantastic art. Before the fair, learn more about 5 of the 10 artists featured in our booth.

If you’re not in NY, not to worry. All AAF pieces are still available for purchase here. Original art at an affordable price — what more could an art lover ask for?

The Artists, Group 1 


Jonelle Summerfield

Jonelle’s mother taught her to paint after she received her degree in Interior Design. She takes an impressionistic approach to her romantic street scenes and bustling interiors, traveling extensively to shoot her own reference material. She currently lives in Pennsylvania. 


John Diehl

John was trained as a classical before ever picking up a brush or palette knife. That love of music permeates his art. John uses landscapes as a means to express feeling rather than capture a scene. He currently lives in Massachusetts.


Jim Zwadlo

Jim paints pedestrians from an aerial point of view. “I look for what I call a ‘found choreography’ in which the people seem just a little poised, maybe a bit off-balance, but in an obvious state of energetic movement.” He currently lives in New York.


Allen Wittert

Allen began illustrating at an early age. While still in high school, he worked as a storyboard cartoonist for Ogilvy Mather. He creates work with surprising patterns that come together in dynamic combinations and compositions. He currently lives in Connecticut.


Jessica JH Roller

Jessica uses bold colors and primitive linework to create whimsical, expressive portraits. She intends to capture real or imagined moments that are both common and extraordinary. She currently lives in Ohio. 

Stay tuned for another post on the remaining artists!