Q&A with UGallery Artist and World Renown Psychic Victoria Bearden

Victoria Bearden was one of those kids who drew on everything. Her life-long love of art comes from her desire to showcase the hidden world of her mind’s eye. She finds inspiration in music, stories and nature, and enjoys painting in front of a live audience.

Victoria also happens to be a world renowned psychic and astrologer, something we don’t see everyday here on UGallery. Our interview dives into her backstory, as we ask Victoria about how her 35-year career as a psychic affects her artwork. Enjoy!


How did you get interested in becoming a psychic? 

I knew I was “different” when I was a young child, as I was seeing spirits and telling adults things I had no way of knowing. Sometimes I got in trouble for this, but it wasn’t like I could help it [giggles]. Later, when I was in Catholic School in 7th grade, I stumbled upon a book by called “Your Psychic Powers and How to Develop them.” I pretty much felt like I’d hit the lottery, as I finally had something that I felt would explain the experiences I’d been having my whole life. Needless to say, I read the book cover to cover about 10 times. This little book spawned my interest in astrology, so I began a course of study by mail with members of the Rosicrucian Fellowship, with my grandparents’s approval, of course. My grandparents, who raised me, just figured I was going through a phase! A phase that has lasted a lifetime!

I did psychic readings and astrology charts to earn extra money while in University, as I was quite confident in my abilities on a professional level by then. I was attending art school, with a focus on Interdisciplinary performance and video art. I thought I would be a professional artist and teach at the University level. However, life had other plans for me. I had received my MFA and was on the fast track with lots of recognition for my video art when a relationship caused me to turn down a teaching position. Things sort of went haywire from there, and I eventually turned to my old standby and began doing psychic and astrological readings full time. I got an extremely lucky break being asked to make predictions on a national television show, and ended up predicting the Northridge Earthquake. That pretty much pushed me out into the public eye overnight. I’ve been doing this work professionally for nearly 30 years now. I have an international clientele and truly love what I do. I have been featured multiple times in a publication titled America’s Top 100 Psychics and Astrologers.


Good Luck Kitty by Victoria Bearden

How does your background as a psychic/astrologer influence your artwork?

Being highly intuitive is very linked to imagination and creativity, I think. My psyche is constantly awash with impressions and images. I love mythology and fantasy. When I went back to art after a failed marriage, I decided to get training as a painter, as I thought it would be nice not to have to get a grant every time I wanted to do a new piece (which was the case with the level of video art and performance I had done in the past.) So, back to art school I went. Getting some solid techniques under my belt opened up the world of my mind’s eye which began spilling onto my canvases. It’s been a love affair ever since. Much of my subject matter is rather “mystical” in one way or another. The mystical art of Susan Boulet was always a big influence on me, as was other historical art that depicted mythology and sacred subject matter.


Wild Flowers by Victoria Bearden

Do you remember a certain client or reading that stood out to you?

I have done literally 1000’s of readings. Seeing into the future, seeing the spirits of those who have passed, predicting events, and guiding people to make informed decisions happens every day. So many extraordinary experiences! 

Here’s a good one from late 2014. A new client came to me whose husband had passed away a little over a year ago. She was trying to move on with her life, but felt completely stuck. She wanted and needed to sell her lovely home and move to something smaller and more appropriate, but nothing was happening. She asked me what was going on and if I could help her. I could see just how stuck she really was on a psychic level, and immediately saw the reason why. The spirit of her husband was not letting go…of anything. It had been his dream home and his dream life and he was NOT ready to go! I asked if I could go to her home to do a blessing ceremony to “clear the air” and see if I could help move things along. She agreed and we set an appointment and got right to work. Mind you, her house had not even gotten a nibble for months and months and it was gorgeous, well priced, and in a highly desirable area. Many unusual things happened during the “house clearing” and the spirit of her deceased husband revealed himself in no uncertain terms with my client in attendance for the show. I was able to make peace with him and get his agreement to let go. It was very emotional and powerful. I told her a few things to do on the property, which she did, and told her to get ready. It was almost Christmas, and she said she would be very surprised if the house sold during the holidays, but I told her I had a strong feeling it would. The house sold 2 weeks later for full price, just like that. 


Somewhere Far From Here by Victoria Bearden

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