Pleasing Pins of the Week

This week brought us a peak at an artist’s eclectic apartment, the unconventional, and the artistry of Alexander McQueen. Take a look!


Fanatical Floral via thehousethatlarsbuilt blog

The studio of artist Laura Jones, in all of its industrial and floral glory. 


“Travel Finds” via

We are in love with the idea of creating your own art with items acquired through your travels. 


“Unconventional” via Apartment Therapy

How cool is this piece? It was made from unconventional materials such as tea, ink, brandy and vodka. 


“Alexander McQueen Artistry" 

Each of his pieces was like a work of art in itself, including this ‘dress’ made from clam shells. 


Washed Ashore via flickr, photo by Kate Kipley

Such a beautiful meeting of land and sea! 

Happy Friday everyone!