Piece of the Week: Peter Hoss’ JunkPr, Redefining Junk

Our Piece of the Week, Peter Hoss’ JunkPr (48”x37”) is a mixed-media collage that combines the nonchalance of 1-800 toll-freedom, gestural marks in black, gray, and yellow, and a subtle program for “junk” advocacy.

The mixed media work is a collage – the cool cousin of Cubism and Surrealism. The artist gathers and galvanizes words, paint, and materials into a new, reincarnated life.

JunkPr, which comprises tempera, gouache, enamel, charcoal, graphite, and oil stick, falls into a collage series that Hoss has been working on for about eighteen months.

Close up of JunkPr

Artwork that features text, always gives those words a poetic attention. The artist gives the chosen letters a recycled renaissance. The characters, which may have been overlooked in their original context, are now considered with a special attention.

In Hoss’ work, “junk” is no longer associated with flabby phonebooks and weird email entrapment.

In the middle register of the painting, the text says, “Junk removal.”

In an ironic, meta-artistic way, Hoss has enacted these words. In placing “junk” throughout the artwork, he removes junk from life’s marginalia of curbsides and spam folders.

Peter Hoss in his studio. 

Hoss selected the text because of its font. He was attracted to its straight-laced, no-nonsense quality.     

The final 30 minutes of JunkPr’s creation were pivotal. He describes that in the final moments, he tapped into a realm of wordless infinity:

“The voices stop, time doesn’t exist, and something got under my skin. Sometimes, as in this case, it’s gut wrenching and dark.”

The half hour’s focus and alternate mindset changed everything.

“There was all this pushing paint around, this preparation for only that brief moment of innocence and play. At this point I knew the piece was done.”

See more of Peter Hoss’ work on UGallery, and be sure to follow him on Instagram