Photography for All Types of Dads

Whether your father prefers spending his free time dining in the finest restaurants or surfing on the open ocean, we have photography for him. We’ve picked four photographs from our Father’s Day Art Collection to describe four different types of dads. Which best describes your dad?

Mystery Manimage

Woman & Dog by Peter Diggs

If your dad is the quiet, subtle type, then this colorful and crisp photograph will be right up his alley. Steer Father’s Day down the right road with this automobile gem.

For the Chef and/or Fine Diner


Restaurant in Oxford Street by Ernest Zhanaev

Does Dad know all the best eats in town? Does dad grow a garden so that his meals are always the freshest they can be? Serve this photograph to dads that like to cook, eat, and dine.

For the History Buff


Iwo Jima by Ansen Seale

Ansen Seale’s historic photograph of a soldier in war is perfect for a classic father that enjoys reading long nonfiction stories about war. Have a history buff on your hands? Claim this photograph for dad’s den.

For the Surfer and/or Nature Lover


Does your dad watch endless hours of Planet Earth or National Geographic? Etienne Roudaut’s La Vague is the perfect gift for him. Whether Dad prefers to enjoy nature in the comfort of his own home or out in the waves, this photograph captures all the beauty that enthralls

We hope your dad is one of these four! Maybe he is a little bit of all these dads (in which case you can get more than one!) Visit the Father’s Day Collection for more selections and ideas.