Patrick Duffy is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He received his BFA from Pratt Institute in Painting. His work has been included in shows throughout New York, mostly within the Chelsea and Soho art districts. In his work, he creates an environment where a sense of rhythm, fluidity and layering of compositions become elements that reflect the dimension of time within surrounding spaces. Nautical themes found predominately in his work are influenced by his time growing up on the ocean, as well as his fascination with physical and environmental sciences.

Take a look into the studio and insights of Duffy’s works here!

Your artwork has a profound nautical theme. Growing up on the coast of Maine, what was your relationship like with the ocean?

I love the ocean. It can be dark and boundless, but also warming and nurturing. For generations my family have been fisherman, boat builders/designers and I think it had a large effect on how I experienced nature growing up. Whether its sailing, fishing, kayaking or most recently scuba diving, there are so many elements that really excite me and motivate me to want to know and experience more.

Patrick Duffy, Time and Sand (sold)

Science and art are typically seen as conflicting fields of interest. You seem to enjoy both, and it shows in your work. How did that come about?

I think creating is part of exercising your interests and working hard to take them in directions that are challenging, promoting a learning environment. Biology and Physics have always been a foundation to the questions I carry in my mind. Painting and Drawing are really the ideal way for me to express those curiosities and become immersed with new puzzles.

Patrick Duffy, Accretion

One of the strongest elements of your work is color. Is that something you keep in mind as you begin each piece?

My technique to approaching a painting is heavily influenced by colors that I’m really obsessing about at the time. It changes with each piece, but on a whole I think the main factor is creating a sense of balance and organizing the relationships between all the colors. One activity that I really enjoy is going through color aid swatches with the intent of finding a solution that unexpectedly works. In my mind colors can be the numbers to the equation.

Patrick Duffy, Regatta (sold)

You now live in Brooklyn, which is quite a change from Maine. How did you get there? And how have you adapted to such a different environment?

I went to school at Pratt Institute in the heart of Brooklyn and it really had a profound affect on me. So many creative people in one place, and the energy New York carries is exciting for someone from a small town. There are a lot of challenges as the city can be very competitive, but as a whole, this is where a lot of opportunities arise for artists like me.

Patrick Duffy, Neon Saga I

Your wife, Alyssa, is a talented photographer and the two of you share studio space in your loft. What’s it like working and living together in the same space?

She’s great and really patient with me. Our schedules can be very different each week. A lot of times we switch the painting studio into a photo studio overnight for a big shoot. It can be hard work as the walls need touching up, the paintings need to be organized and packed, and the photo gear setup. Once the shoot is over, we change it back to a painting studio again. I sometimes think of it as good way to keep everything neat and clean.

Credit: Alyssa Kirsten/The Nest

Word on the street is that you’re quite a talented home-brewer. Do you have any future plans? 

Possible future plans, but of course it’s on the back-burner for now. Its kind of an unperfected science experiment that I enjoy working on with a rewarding finish. There is always something new to test, allowing me to take my mind off other matters.

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