Our Predictions For Art in 2017

In City and Forest 10 (48″ x 36″) by Mélisa Taylor, acrylic painting

It is hard to imagine that only a few wispy days ago we were in the thick of 2016. Around the world, many welcomed 2017 with a renewed sense of hope and optimism for the clean slate that a new year promises.

Because of its deeply personal nature, art exemplifies the cultural ideas and standings and becomes a barometer for the actions and reactions that make up our New Year’s consciousness. 

So, with that in mind, we have peered our curatorial crystal ball and have several visions for the art of 2017. Here is what we saw:

Color Prediction: Green and Yellow


Country Life Charm (12” x 24”) by Nava Lundy acrylic painting

If the earth had a mood ring, it would be art. Art is the expression of a deeply personal energy that courses through both artists and collectors. Consequently, the trends in art sway with the general sentiments and shifting values and projects into the world through its colors. 2017, even as mere reaction, is a year of growth, rejuvenation, and rebirth. Greens and yellows are manifestations of renewed, exciting impulses. These colors light up with positive energy, photosynthesizing the sugars of our own happiness.

Subject Prediction: Animals


Waterfall and Waxwings (9” x 12”) by Jan Fontecchio Perley, oil painting on wood

Generally, when times are more uncertain, there is a subtle but district tendency towards creating and buying animal art. Within our own gallery there is an upsurge in animal focused art – from anthropomorphized cows, to a selection of rooster art, and everything in between. Juxtaposed with the outside world, the interior becomes a space of comfort. Whether channeling the comfort and simplicity of story time nostalgia or the subterranean and self-identification of metaphor, or a mix of both, animal art will continue to strike a chord in 2017.

Scale Prediction: Large-Scale Artworks


Adonai (40” x 60”) by Iris Scott, oil painting

While 2016 was the year of the “Tiny Painting,” we are expecting a big change in 2017. We foresee a rise in large-scale, space-filling artwork. This type of art prompts the cognitive shift out of an individual perspective and reaffirms the connection to the larger systems of the world and beyond. It is rather refreshing. With artwork that is amplified to an environment changing, something as simple as stepping into a room becomes a chance to reset with a fresh perspective.

Source Prediction: International Art


Abstract 206 (24” x 48”) by Jingshen You, oil painting

Throughout 2016, we have seen a steady increase in international artists that we represent on our gallery. With more international artists than ever bubbling up into our “Top Artist” page. These increases suggest a trend that will continue throughout 2017. With a worldwide, longstanding reliance on the internet, art from faraway places gives new exposure and connections between artists and collectors that would have unlikely have been made before. 

Purpose Prediction: Art for Appreciation


Blossom Evolution XIX (36” x 36”) by Naoko Paluszak, oil painting

This is a trend that has been rumbling in the distance for several years. As art news circulates stories of plummeting price tags, we sense a reevaluation in the general stance on art. Because of the unpredictability of the market, the intention behind purchasing art becomes less driven by the mirage of financial gains and more by the fulfilment of a personal need for originality and emotional connection through artwork. As speculation on the mercurial market becomes deemphasized, art will function as it was originally intended: as a way to enrich lives and spread joy.

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