Our Favorite Places to Get Coffee


Justin Wheeler, A Cuppa Joe — Au Lait 

Today is National Coffee Day! We’re using that as an excuse to enjoy an extra cup of Joe. But where is the best place to indulge in that warm or iced treat? Here are our favorite spots: 

Stephen, Co-founder: La Colombe in Tribeca, one of their first cafes in NYC. The coffee is unlike any other and the people and chocolate croissant top it off. 

Alex, Co-founder: Atlas Cafe, just down the street from our office. They brew Stumptown Coffee, which is one of my favorite roaster, and the guys (and girls) that work there are expert baristas. Atlas is the real deal! 


A Cuppa Joe — Koffee Klatch

Charlotte, Marketing Director: Rodger’s Cafe in San Francisco. They use heavy whipping cream and lots of sugar, so I try to make it a splurge rather than an everyday thing. But when I do treat myself, it is worth every delicious calorie! 

Samantha, Gallery Manager: ZombieRunner in Palo Alto! It’s a running store with a little cafe in it. The coffee is awesome, it’s a cute local spot, and they have a perfectly spicy chai latte (since I don’t drink coffee anymore). It’s the perfect place to go while strolling around the Palo Alto Farmer’s Market on a Sunday morning! 

Amanda, Assistant Gallery Manager: I really like the Blue Bottle kiosk cafe in Hayes Valley. It’s just a little alcove tucked away on Linden Street, so it has a secret feel to it. There’s not a physical shop to sit in, so everyone lingers in the alleyway and talks. I usually get the New Orleans iced coffee, Southern expat that I am! 

Eva, Social Media: A friend recently introduced me to Papa November Coffee and Bakes, a coffee truck with delicious lattes. The truck hangs out at 15th and Kansas. They serve coffee that can rival any brick-and-mortar location.

What’s your go-to coffee spot? Let us know in the comments!