Original Artwork Inspired by “Greenery,” Pantone’s Color of the Year


In the Garden (14″ x 18″) by Garry Colby, oil painting

“Greenery,” dubbed the color of the year by Pantone, is a color that inspires deep-breathing, self-collecting, and reflective meditation. After the tumults of 2016, this color is a welcomed breath of fresh air. This color anticipates the peaceful respite of the year to come. 

The use of green in the works in “The Greenery Collection” range from fields, to backgrounds, to trees, and to foliage, but are unified in their ability to insight meditation and serenity in every viewer.

Here are some of the unique ways that our artists use “Greenery” in their artwork:


Inherit No. 2 (19.7” x 19.7”) by Yuan Hua Jia, oil painting

In this oil painting, the ghostly skeleton of classical Chinese furniture hovers over a simple green background. But this painting is as problematizing as it is meditative. The outline of the classical furniture and the plum blossom have gossamer and incidental ties to the background calling to question the inheritability of an intangible cultural heritage.


Spring Tree Convergence (10” x 10”) by Janet Dyer, acrylic painting

Spring Tree Convergence delights in the fruitfulness of green. The grass, rendered in broad, improvisational strokes is the springboard trees that bear leaves of various colors. This painting has an optimistic outlook of springtime productivity that is literally grounded in green.


Near the Quiet Stream (16” x 20”)by Sharon France, acrylic painting

A spotlight on a calming green would be grievously incomplete without mention of Sharon France’s work. Her use of green, particularly in Near the Quiet Stream both in the field and the misty atmosphere creates a tranquil idealism of country life. The subtle variations of green in the greens of the tufts of trees, the stream, tinges of the sky, and the grass suggest a unified calmness of the color.


Kensworth (20” x 24”) by Allan Friedlander, acrylic painting

Kensworth is one painting in Friedlander’s series of depictions of English countryside. There is an undeniable balance through different shades of greenery that anchors the composition. The patchwork of yellow-green hues juxtaposed with the cloudy sky are the quintessence of natural harmony.

We hope that these highlights have brought peace and serenity that will carry through the rest of the new year!

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