Orange Art Picks

The color orange usually elicits strong feelings. It’s a polarizing color. You either love it or you hate it. No matter what side you fall on, orange is unavoidable in October. Orange signifies creativity and enthusiasm. This warm tone exudes vitality and can spice things up when you’re in need of a jolt. We happen to love the color (then again, we don’t discriminate). So, in spirit of Halloween, we have picked our favorite pieces of orange art.

If oceans were the same color as sand, they would look a little bit like this orange gem from Krispen Spencer. A painting like this is bound to get the creative juices flowing.

Trick or treat? Jessica JH Roller’s 36 Sugarcubes are all treat. These sweet kittens are comical and cute. Hanging this painting on your wall will remind you to let loose and relieve you from any seriousness that might be causing you suffering!

Talk about an intellectually stimulating piece of art. Al Jackson’s Brains might be political, but it’s fun. Al says, “As clean, simple graphic design is catnip for me, this painting is hedonistic indulgence for me personally. I really had fun making it.”

A little bit creepy? Yes. A lot a bit awesome? YES. I can’t resist throwing in a photograph from Dana Lauren Goldstein’s Pumpkin Heads series. Topless women running around in a cemetery with big pumpkin masks…what could be more Halloween than that?