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An Evening in California (8″ x 10″) by Lisa Elley, oil painting

There is art that stands out. And then, there is art that stands out because it stands out.  

These are works with texture.

Texture, a touchy subject (in the literal sense), is the feeling or tactile quality of an artwork’s surface. While texture covers many types of surfaces (in the figurative sense) including smooth or soft, this week’s batch of new art is trending with impasto or three-dimensional variety.


Restless Earth (30″ x 60″) by Milen Tod, mixed media artwork 

Impasto – a word that, oddly enough, shares a root with the word “pasta” because of its dough-like characteristics – is a painting technique that uses thick, even sculptural paint. Our latest trend is artworks that have surfaces that are thick with layers of paint or other materials caked glutinously on the surface.  

Here are several stand-out artworks that truly stick out:

1. Melody (10” x 8”) by Lisa Elley, oil painting


We simply could not run a feature on texture without talking about a Lisa Elley painting. With her signature palette knife technique, she creates sumptuous and rich layers of this delicious buttercream painting. The yellow petals in Melody have such a full, bloomed look — the texture gives the impression that they have curled right off of the canvas. Lisa’s delight in the tactility of the paint is undoubtedly melodic.

2. Mass Embrace (23” x 27”) by Adriano Ribeiro, mixed media artwork


Raw cotton, canvas, bitumen, acrylic enamels, oil, fossil pigments, wax, wood, volcanic sand, hot glue, and gesso are the media that Adriano Ribeiro has wonderfully combined in his mixed media artwork, Mass Embrace. The interaction between these varied materials – the mass embrace, as he puts it – causes the painting to break out of its two dimensionality.

3. Scorched Earth (24” x 24”) by Alicia Dunn, acrylic painting 


Alicia Dunn masterfully creates a crackled, scorched surface in her abstract landscape, Scorched Earth. The brittle crunch of canvas is thought provoking as it cracks into questions of deep time. The colors – interrupted by a system of fault lines –   has the crumbling and encrusted texture recreates the jostling earth’s surface.  

4. Grounded #35 (8” x 8”) by Adam Nisenson, mixed media artwork


This mixed media artwork creates texture through applied and collaged layers. Adam’s intention is to recreate the same sense of depth as the psychological layers of the human psyche. This work tests out the old school psychology theories of Carl Jung and Fritz Perls in collage and encaustic. Here, texture figures as a metaphor for the human mind. 

5. Abstract Study (36” x 36”) Iris Scott, oil painting


One of Iris Scott rare abstract works, Abstract Study has a texture that becomes sculptural. The thick layers of paint have an energy and depth that invokes the layers of emotion that texture human experience.

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Rooftops, Provence ( 24“ x 30“) by Elizabeth Elkin, oil painting