Now Trending: Modern Chinese Impressionism


Waterlily 25 (32″ x 24″) by Jingshen You, oil painting

At UGallery, we are always updating our online gallery to reflect the styles and cultures of today. The gallery, especially our New Art collection, becomes a real-time vision into today’s global trends. Here is what is popular right now: Art from China.  

We are proud to represent three artists who live and work from various parts of China: Jingshen You, Yi Tian, and Shengnan Li. The artists share several similarities: relative geographical proximity, looseness of brushstrokes, lively color palette, Modern Chinese Impressionism, etc. But perhaps even more so than their similarities, it is their differences and stylistic nuances that express the true richness of their artistic talent.

Jingshen You from Xiamen, China


Waterlily 24 (32″ x 24″) by Jingshen You

Jingshen You is from Xiamen, a coastal city on the Taiwan Strait in southeast china. His style is delicate with loose paint handling that lends itself to an impressionistic style. The subject matter in his paintings seem to float against the textural background of his painting’s lack a distinct sense of place that gives his work a surrealism. Often working with flowers, his style and subject matter is both inviting and beautiful.

 Shengnan Li from Liaoning, China


Chinese Rural Village 2 (32” x 32”) by Shengnan Li, an oil painting

We welcome painter, Shengnan Li, the newest addition to UGallery, from the northeast of China, inland city Liaoning. His paintings exude a sense of happiness through his vibrancy in color and jauntiness in texture. His paintings are the most literal and realistic in their depiction of place that position his portfolio in a more formal light. Shengnan captures the specificity of the scene without losing its impressionistic essence.

Yi Tian from Wenzhou, China


Roles of Beijing Opera (16” x 20”) by Yi Tian, an oil painting

Yi Tian, also a UGallery newcomer, joins the gallery from a mountainous region on the coast of the southeastern part of China, called Wenzhou. His work is a joyous and imaginative retreat imagination-filling work. Yi is a playful artist who delights in the joys of painting. His use of color palette makes his work is colorful and lively. Unlike Jinshen’s sense of imagined story charm. In his depictions of boats and flowers he plays with the tactility of the paint that gives a playful sense of impressionism. His paintings are often steeped in Chinese culture with subjects such as of coastal towns and scenes from the Beijing Opera.

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