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Autumn’s Fire (12″ x 9″) by Gail Greene, oil painting 

As the autumn months unfold, it is difficult to imagine an artist who could resist the inspirations of such a textural and colorful season. While the days become more and more abbreviated, the autumn leaves only become crunchier and more richly colored. 

As inspiration turns to idea, and idea turns to art, we are amazed at the bounty of oranges, yellows, and reds that has brought the glow of fall to our gallery.

Here are 5 New Arrivals that share in the Autumn Leaves trend:

1. Autumn (11” x 14”) by Nikolay Rizhankov, oil painting


Nikolay Rizhankov presents an Arcadian autumn. This vivid scene of autumnal fecundity – with its clarity and overflowing beauty – verges on utopic. This is an image of graceful changes, where the leaves show the first intimation of a golden fall blush. Nikolay shows the ways that the fall leaves can be a glorious visual feast.

2. Fall Reflection (16” x 20”) by Nancy Merkle, oil painting


Fall Reflectionis the reflection of fall in every sense of the phrase. Nancy Merkle captures the essence of autumn in the fleeting flicker. The bright trees – amid a coal-dark forest – take after the flames will undoubtedly fill many fireplaces as this season becomes colder. These leaves flare out from a smoldering red into a quickening yellow. And, in a literal reflection, the water’s surface provides a perfect palette for fall’s self-expression is it reflects a simplified, abstracted impression of the season’s harmonious colors.

3. Autumn Scent (24” x 36”)by Stanislav Sidorov, oil painting


Through the leaves in Autumn Scent, Stanislav Sidorovframes his composition with a golden and bright optimism. As the two figures and accompanying dog follow the trail – which is timeworn with a ribbon of resilient grass – they become a beautiful emblem of gleaming happiness and promising futures. The yellow foliage inspires a certain loving and familial warmth that gives it the feel of a beautiful memory invoked years later.

4. The Fall of 2016 #1 by Ying Guo, mixed media artwork


Ying Guo approaches the subject of autumn leaves from an abstract perspective. The title, The Fall of 2016, simultaneously directs the imaginative mind while also affixing it to a specific time. The triangular shape, created by the thin lines and broad sweeps of color, evokes leaves. Looking through a more metaphorical prism, the color choice – a neighborhood of warm and cool colors – seem a reflection of the fall as the space between summer and winter. 

5. Counting Sheep by Lorianne Ende, photography


Autumn leaves peek into this delightfully humorous photograph. Lorrianne Ende described her experience of taking the photograph. Saying, “I was out in the pasture waiting to see the young sheep come out to feed.” When one of the older sheep – the leader in the photographed parade – came bounded towards her, the whole flock came bounding too. “I was laughing when they finally stopped, realizing I had nothing for them – but my camera,” Lorianne Ende shares.   

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