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November's New Artist Round Up

Gary Noland working in his studio

Gary Noland working in his studio

Amid this busy, holiday-preparatory season, we welcome a talented roster of new artists to UGallery. These artists work in a range of styles and mediums – such as and Abstract Illusionist Micheal Gallagher and Abstract Expressionist Gary Noland – and join us from around the globe – such as Italian Artist Alessandro Andreuccetti. Additionally, we are delighted to share the bright talent from two of our youngest artists, Anthony Sokolov and multi-medium artist Annelise LaFlamme.


Anthony’s goal as a photographer is to share views of New York that few ever get to see. That’s because most of the places he goes to take his photos are not actually open to the public. “The process of exploring and photographing a location begins with a period of initial research where I scout a location and construct a plan on how I will get inside or on top without getting caught,” says Anthony. “I aim to be as stealthy as possible in my explorations.” As a result, the images captured on these missions give the viewer the thrilling yet vaguely uncomfortable notion of teetering on the edge of safety, breaking all the rules. Anthony muses, “I strive to capture a sense of adventure and youthful energy that leaves viewers inspired and awed.”


Michael was a pioneering member of an artistic movement known as Abstract Illusionism, which emerged out of New York’s SoHo District in the mid-1970s. “The defining elements of this style give the illusion of depth as abstract elements appear to be floating above the canvas,” explains Michael. He uses paint, airbrushing, and camerawork along with digital printing to create dynamic compositions that optically challenge the viewer. The work is flat, yet exudes dimensionality. “It could be paint or a specific color that has inspired me. Eventually a composition emerges along with some sort of dichotomy of order and chaos,” says the artist. In addition to involvement in the Abstract Illusionism movement, Michael’s resume features a prominent fellowship at Yale’s Summer School of Art and Music under famed photographer Walker Evans and important contemporary artists including Robert Motherwell and Helen Frankenthaler.


Gary’s rich abstract paintings are most often inspired by the texture of an aged floor or the surface of an old wall. “I've worked in the Quality Department of a few manufacturing plants,” says Gary, “And the floors of these places have wonderful patinas and compositions from layers of paint and tape that have been scratched or worn down over many years.” Although Gary’s artworks are non-representational, every composition has a story or theme that develops during his creative process. Each splash and scrape of paint is representative of a reflective investigation of Gary’s artistic self.


Alessandro’s artistic practice is divided into three series: nature, cities, and figures. Each represents a unique facet of human life on earth, and the artist’s understanding of life’s visual properties. “Representing life is the main purpose of my painting,” says Alessandro. “The human figure, the city, [and] nature are great subjects to study and transfer to canvas or paper, but what I’m most interested in is discovering and highlighting the relationship between forms and colors… This relationship is discovered by the careful observation of reality.” Although Alessandro’s inspirations come from real life, his paintings provide something far more emotional. Color and shape do not represent reality but are instead the artist’s interpretation of each subject. Alessandro creates his vision based in the Tuscan town of San Gimignano, Italy, from his artist studio located inside an old prison building.


Annelise LaFlamme is fascinated by the macabre fairy tales and myths that have sustained through human culture. From these fairy tales, she draws metaphors for the human condition, especially our chemistry, biology, and theories about identity. She works in a variety of mediums including oil paint, pen, ink, and printmaking. Annelise has a BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design and did an extended artist residency at the Burren College of Art in Ireland.

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