New UGallery Artist: Tyson Roberts

Tyson Roberts’s abstracted floral paintings are full of energy and animated brushwork. The interesting angles and vivid colors are reminiscent of Henri Matisse’s work, particularly his famous paper cutouts. 


Opus 33, No. 7 

The flattened shapes in the work reach out unreservedly to every corner of the canvas. Although the colorful brushwork clearly makes up a floral arrangement, there is very little that separates the art from abstraction.  All of the shapes feel distinct and opaque, placed with intention, as though Tyson is literally arranging the bouquet as he paints it. 


Opus 33, No. 27 

Tyson often paints floral arrangements that have been hanging around his house for a while. He photographs them over time, providing options for reference material when the time comes to paint. The pieces have a loose, quick feel to them, but the effective balance of space and color implies that Tyson contemplates each painting with great care. The inspiration to paint floral subject matter comes from everything positive in his life, good vibes, mediation, new adventures, and seeing the world through the eyes of his young daughter.

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