New UGallery Artist: Shane Kennedy


Evidence of Struggle

Shane Kennedy grew up in both the U.S. and Japan. His style demonstrates influences from both places. The abstract paintings are bold and expressionist, and some of his pieces feature the strong black marks of Japanese calligraphy. 

He is inspired by the art of the American Abstract Expressionists and the painters Gerhard Richter and Franz Kline. These artists were also influenced by Japanese art, since at the same time the Gutai art movement in Japan mirrored similar concepts of action painting and process driven art. Shane builds up his paintings in many layers, going back and forth between bold brushstrokes and a more “calmed down approach.” In the end, his work vibrates between something forceful and still. 


Gone Swimming

Shane knew he wanted to be an artist at a young age, with “stunt man” as his backup plan. He is obviously attracted to action and physicality, and his paintings reflect this energy.

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